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Why Lack of Good Sleep is Dangerous to Your Health

Lack of good and sufficient sleep is associated with poor performance, short term memory loss, poor decision making, performance deficit as well as inability to control stress in a healthy person, however, if this continues it can lead to serious health problems which some have been cited as a leading cause of death by a number of sleep academy and scientists. Sleep problems can be grouped in three simple categories, sleep deprivation, chronic insomnia, and fatigue, sleep deprivation happens because of sleeping few hours than recommended, for a good and quality night the recommended hours are between 7-8 a day, chronic insomnia is a result of persistent sleep deprivation which exposes individual to various health problems that can lead to even death if not treated well, fatigue o the other hand is the general feeling of tiredness and lack of energy due to insomnia you can get more sleep knowledge from sleep experts. Inadequate sleep or sleeping issues have been related to stress, depression work-related anxiety, health issues, or environmental problems, over 90 percent of these problems can be averted by behavior change, unfortunately, most people ignore the signs and symptoms that that signals a health problem related to inadequate sleep. People do not simply ignore the health risks associated with chronic insomnia, what they lack is the knowledge associated with consistent lack of enough sleep and these health problems, therefore this article has some information to help you learn more about the various health dangers you are exposing yourself with inadequate sleep. The fact is people are not conversant with the potential health risks associated with chronic insomnia, as a result, this article has collected relevant information related to various health dangers you are exposed to for lack of good sufficient and quality sleep over a significant period.

Chronic insomnia exposes you to cardiovascular disease, lack of sufficient sleep affect the process that keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy this includes the process that influences your blood sugar, blood pressure, and inflammation levels, it is also important to recognize that the body repairs and heals your blood vessels and heart when you are at rest, therefore, inadequate sleep exposes you to heart diseases because of weak vessels and inflammations in the vessel, some studies have identified a significant relationship between insomnia and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

People who have good and quality sleep time have a strong immune system, they are not easily affected by common diseases such as flu and colds and if they do it take 3-5 days to recover, however, if you have chronic insomnia your immune system is weakened because your body has no sufficient white blood cells that are needed to fight the disease-causing pathogens, the relationship between white blood cells and enough and quality sleep is that the body ability to generate or manufacture white blood is incapacitated when the body is active, therefore, total resting is required to induce the proper generation of white blood cells in your body.

Chronic insomnia is associated with increased body weight and can lead to obesity, the researchers believe that sleeping less than 6 hours a day induces hormones imbalance in the body which regulates the desires of food, these are leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full and ghrelin hormones which are hunger-stimulating chemicals. Those are some health risks associated with sleep deprivation.