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Tips on How to Create the Best Remote Development Team

For the last few years the popularity of working remotely has grown. Technological advances has been the reason behind the rise in popularity of remote work. A reduction in turnover is experienced by companies that allow their employees to work remotely. Some companies have gone fully remote while others allow a percentage of their workers to work remotely. However, it can be challenging to work remotely if you do not know what to do. Therefore, before you create a remote development team for your company it is essential to conduct some research. Below I have outlined a guide to help you create a remote development team that can help you achieve your company’s goals.

Ensuring there is better communication within the team is the first crucial thing to do when creating a remote development team. When working in a team communication is one of the most important factors. Slipping of details through the cracks may happen if there is poor communication in a team. Therefore, over-communicating is better than under-communicating when it comes to remote work. When establishing a remote development team you should also consider the different time zones. Working remotely allows one to work from anywhere on earth. Therefore, your regular communications should be done at a time convenient for most people if you have members in your remote development team spread out in different time zones.

Micro managing team members may result when managing a remote development team. However, micromanaging can be detrimental to the company hence should be avoided at all means. Hire trustworthy people that you will not need to double-check their every move to avoid falling into the trap of micromanaging your remote development team. When hiring people for your remote development team, you should ensure they are best suited for the project. Therefore, to achieve your objectives you should find people with the right skill set. Also, to avoid miscommunication in the team you should ensure the remote developers have excellent communication skills.

Also, providing room for growth for the team members of a remote development team is important as it ensures they feel motivated. Therefore, the company’s culture should have opportunities that allow for continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. Setting clear work guidelines is important if you want to ensure productivity, accountability, and teamwork within the members of the remote development team. To ensure that each member of the remote development team knows what is expected of them and what they need to do to meet the expectations it is to have clear work procedures. Also, so that remote development team can have a point of reference in the future you should keep the relevant documentation.

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